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Custom Built Thermographic Solutions


Why have a Thermographic Survey?

Time is money. Every minute that your equipment is not operating at maximum efficiency and throughput it is not operating at maximum profit. Thermal surveys of your plant and equipment can identify items that are not functioning correctly or may fail prematurely. Reducing unplanned maintenance and downtime will increase your profit.

Energy is likely to be a high proportion of your operating costs in the workplace and at home. A thermal survey of your building and its heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems can identify any wasted energy, reducing your carbon emissions and improving your profit.

Itís not just for industry!

Although industrial applications for thermal imaging are numerous, the uses for thermal imaging in domestic life, environmental sciences, medical and veterinary fields are increasing rapidly. Take a look through the survey categories to find out how a thermal survey by Tecpinions can help you no matter what you do.

If there is some way you think thermography can help you that we donít have information about here take a look at the contact page and give us a call. Advice is always free!